Friday, April 06, 2012

Maundy Thursday

According to tradition, this is the day that Jesus celebrated his Last Supper with the disciples. It is also the night of his betrayal and condemnation; Good Friday is the day of his crucifixion.

For me, this day represents the return to work on that writing project: the data file was sent back to me with a request for revisions. We had all been warned that this would be part of the process, but I've got a lot to revise. All the text and images must conform exactly to the publisher's parameters, and the content editor can be extremely finicky about what passes muster. Not that I blame him/her: when a textbook is being written by a team of writers scattered all over the world (I had been given six of the 28 chapters), cross-chapter consistency is paramount. I seem to have contributed too much material: my exercises are too involved, my passage word counts are too high, and even though my F-K readability score was only slightly higher than 5.0 for some passages (5.1 or 5.3), I've been told that the passages need to be dumbed down to under 5.0.

Upshot: more work for this hominid.


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