Tuesday, April 03, 2012

another of my Korean peeps goes nuts

Why, why, why are Korean guys going nuts (recall Cho Seung-hui and the dude with three widow's peaks)? Do they need to be raised on a diet of The Dangerous Book for Boys to give all that pent-up masculine energy an outlet? I'm being facetious, but this latest crime is serious: a gunman named One L. Goh shot ten people at Oikos* University, a small Christian school in Oakland, California. Seven of Goh's victims are dead; Goh himself was arrested by police after entering a store and announcing what he had done.

I see that California does have the death penalty; it had been reinstated in the 1970s. Alas, crushing by elephant isn't one of the methods used by the state. Too bad: I could Goh for that.

*The Greek term oikos refers to a sort of Gestalt in the sense of household or home, and often implies larger concepts like family, community, land/country, and even the entire world. Its modern incarnation is the prefix eco/ecu, as in economy, ecology, ecumenism, etc. Glenn Reynolds has been trying, for at least a year or so, to get people to use the term oikophobia to describe liberals who supposedly hate their own homeland, and who go to any length to "blame America first." I find this linguistic move simultaneously ridiculous and pathetic, but I do admit I like the term itself: it has a nice, Hellenic ring to it. Whether it actually corresponds to reality, though, is another matter.


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