Monday, October 22, 2012

alas! I must rent my own car

I spoke with a Progressive Insurance claims representative today for about 45 minutes. It seems that I don't have rental replacement coverage, which means a rental is going to set me back about $150-$180. A quick comparison check of local rental spots shows me that Enterprise car rental is probably my best bet. As of this afternoon, they've got a compact car available for $49.99/day, which they total up to $165.93 for four days. That calculation seems strange, but I think they're going by nights: three nights at about $55/night (i.e., $49.99 plus tax).

So the next step in the process is that Progressive will be sending out an assessor tomorrow afternoon to do an estimate on my car. He'll quote me a price; I'll relay the quote to Collision Experts, the body shop I'll be working with. Ideally, I'll drive my wounded car to Collision Experts to be worked on starting Tuesday morning, and that same morning, I'll walk a few miles to the car rental place to rent my dang car. That afternoon, I'll drive to work in my rental; my car will be in the shop until Friday (ideally! might take longer if the shop needs to order parts); on Friday, I'll drive the rental back to Enterprise, walk the few miles over to the body shop, drive my car home, and pay the $250 deductible once I've gotten my next paycheck. Joy.

My premium won't go up until March of next year, at which point it's going to rise by about $24/month. That. Sucks. Ass. But such is life, oui?



Charles said...

Sucks that this turned out to be more costly than expected. Let's hope it doesn't balloon any further.

Kevin Kim said...

I'm hoping there's nothing more than the deductible to look forward to. That's gonna hurt. The fact that I didn't work this past Saturday also means I need to make those hours up by working from home.

Anonymous said...

Addofio here. I think Enterprise will come pick you up and drive you to their office to rent the car. Worth asking them.