Wednesday, January 09, 2013

a quick sanity update

I didn't have to teach Iblis today, as it turned out. This only makes me paranoid about tomorrow and Thursday. His normal teacher, Lily (not her real name), will be out of town later this week, which means Iblis must default to someone. He was on my schedule for today, but when I got to the center, I saw that everyone and everything had been reshuffled, which is par for the course. I've never once told the office that I refuse to teach the boy, but my brain yammers every time the possibility of teaching the Devil Child arises. To be clear, it's not that I fear Iblis: it's that I fear I'll reach across the table and strangle the little asshole. Lily must have preternatural self-control, or she mentally voyages to her internal Happy Place when she's teaching this child. I'll have to learn her secret so that Iblis can survive my class with all his limbs attached.


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