Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Ave, Skippy!

I'm planning to write my own review of "Django Unchained," but Skippy beat me to the punch, and he's raving about the movie:

Django Unchained is a superb flick with a great cast. Despite everything else that you may or may not like about him, Tarantino makes incredibly interesting casting choices and makes them work. God knows that he's done more with Samuel L. Jackson than any other three directors Jackson has worked with in the last twenty years.

As I mentioned earlier, if Hollywood had any decency or brains, Christoph Waltz would be in every movie, including porn. The fact that he's not the biggest star in the world is all the evidence I need that society is well and truly fucking doomed. He is what all actors should be, which all the more impressive when you consider that English is his third language.


In the last several years, movies have mostly sucked. Practically everything out there is a sequel, a reboot, a comic book movie, a friggin' cartoon or all four. The world needs more writer-directors like Quentin Tarantino, if only because very few other people are producing anything that's original and worthwhile.

Say what what you will about it, and I happen to think it's an incredible movie, but Django Unchained is certainly an original. If anybody that didn't have Tarantino's track record went to a studio with the idea of building a spaghetti western around slavery, it never would have been made because it looks dumb on paper and seems almost guaranteed to lose a ton of money. Modern studios aren't exactly famous for celebrating originality, which is too bad. But if Hollywood is only going to let Quentin Tarantino make movies like Django Unchained, he should make more of them.

If I were to find fault with the movie at all, it would be length. A good editor could have cut it down to two hours and twenty minutes of cinematic majesty. The last half hour alone could have been cut down by a third without anyone noticing. As a nearly three hour movie, the length will also cut into the box office, since theatres can't run as many showings in a day as they can with a standard length film. But that would be the only fault I find in Django Unchained.

I'm not going to lie to you, even if it was a lesser film, I'd still love it because it so upsets loathsome race-hustling assholes like Spike Lee and Tavis Smiley.


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