Sunday, January 20, 2013

the miracle

I woke up one hour late for Saturday work. I had planned to wake up at my usual 7:15AM so that I could be out the door by 8AM or so. For whatever reason, my phone's alarm didn't wake me. I had either turned it off when it first rang, or it had never rung. Either way, I peeled my eyes open, already instinctively suspicious that I was waking up late, and saw that the time was 8:05AM. In theory, I needed to be on the road by 8:15.

"Fuck!" I declared to no one. My mind raced. The last time I had stayed at Sean's place, I had discovered that YB Near was only 35 minutes away in decent traffic. Because it was Saturday morning, I assumed that traffic would be good-- no rush hour to worry about. This meant I had until 8:25AM to get my big ass ready for a 9AM start at work.

I brushed my teeth, slapped on my contacts, and pooped in record time. I showered quickly (about four minutes, which isn't as quick as the classic one-minute Army shower), dressed in my informal Saturday duds (much faster than dressing in my normal battle regalia of slacks, button-down shirt, tie, and tie pin), and was out of Sean's condo by 8:26AM. I was gambling that I would be, at most, a minute or two late.

Traffic turned out to be beautiful. It was a bright, clear Saturday morning, and nothing impeded my progress. Route 395 South to 495 North was unblocked; 495 to 66 West was smooth sailing; 66 West to the YB Near exit was problem-free. I even passed two police cars along the way, but despite the slow-down those cars caused, I still made it to the tutoring center with, miraculously, five minutes to spare.

No sweat, right?



  1. First you find an unexpectedly good parking spot, then you get a traffic-free ride to work. Are you sure you're not making too big of a dent in your luck quota for 2013?

  2. Yeah, tell me about it.

    I'm hoping, though, that this positive karma is actually making up for all the crap that happened last year-- flat tire, accident, etc.



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