Friday, January 04, 2013

two very different reviews of "Shame"

Two of my regular reads, Steve Honeywell and Skippy Stalin, recently decided to review "Shame," a most sexually sexual movie starring the studly Michael Fassbender and the winsome Carey Mulligan.

Steve's review of "Shame" was thought-provoking. He writes:

If nothing else, Shame is noteworthy for the two absolutely fearless performances of both Fassbender and Mulligan. Fassbender makes himself extremely vulnerable throughout this film, the sort of role that could easily damage a career if not played perfectly, and he does it perfectly. Mulligan’s greatest moment comes during her dirge-like and absolutely devastating version of “New York New York.” If nothing else, that scene makes the film worth seeing, because there has never been a song sung with more pain, more irony, and more sorrow that I can think of in recent memory.

Skippy's review of "Shame" was simply hilarious. An excerpt:

Michael Fassbender has a huge cock. There's really no way of not noticing that, given that it makes several appearances in just the first seven minutes of the film. My more inexperienced female readers should avoid Shame at all costs because das Fassbender putz will frighten you directly into lesbianism and I imagine that most of you can't pull off the haircut.

That fucker is more like something you'd see in a Japanese monster movie and, make no mistake, one day it will destroy Tokyo. I'm above average in the pants, and I was more than just intimidated by it. I was shamed.

Be sure to read both reviews.


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