Thursday, January 31, 2013

I told you so

Stumbled upon an old post from 2004, in which I wrote about my predictions of a Democrat backlash in 2008 while my buddy Mike and his friend Smallholder disagreed with me.

The Maximum Leader, siding with Smallholder, disagrees with me about a Democrat backlash in 2008. To wit:

Your Maximum Leader must agree with the good Smallholder on a whole bunch of other observations. First, concerning the [Big Ho's] predictions that the Democrats may be well positioned for 2008 or beyond. As it stands right now, your Maximum Leader doesn't think they are well positioned. But he does think that if they can find a moderate midwesterner/southerner with some charisma[, they] could easily make a presidential race [competitive]. Your Maximum Leader just hopes it is too early for anyone to be thinking seriously about 2008.

I think the Dems will end up doing the smart thing and not field Hillary Clinton in the 2008 race. I somehow don't think the country will be ready for her as president-- in part because she's a woman (and unlike the Brits, we don't seem too partial to the notion of a female at the top of the hierarchy, à la Thatcher and the Queen), but also because she's Hillary. I don't think she has anything like the political savvy of her husband. I think she's been largely riding on his coattails, which is probably why she didn't divorce him despite the fact that he was regularly filling Monica Lewinsky's nostrils with cock snot.

I don't claim to be an astute prognosticator. I think I read the national mood rightly this time around, but only because it seemed too obvious. I have no idea what the nation will be like in 2008, but for now I stand by my feeling that four more years under this administration will produce a more focused lib/Dem outcry. As the younger generation continues to trend more socially liberal, the gay marriage issue will be revisited, as will other social and geopolitical issues. If Bush makes a major gaffe in foreign policy, or if an attack occurs on American soil during his watch again, Bush and his party will lose what little mandate they received from the people this time around.

This was a classic battle between history and philosophy: whose field of study holds more predictive power, the one that scrutinizes and interprets past events, or the one that delves into the eternal nature of people and the cosmos? Ahistoricality wins again.

I am, of course, gracious in victory.

Suck it, bitches.


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