Saturday, January 05, 2013

Korean Urban Dictionary redux

Paul Carver (a.k.a. Daegu Owl) sends me a tweet linking to this resource:

KoreaBANG Glossary

Paul remarks: "This is the closest thing to a Korean [U]rban [D]ictionary that I know of."



John from Daejeon said...

Kevin, how do you pronounce "forte?" Do you use the correct French way or the 74% incorrect English way?

I just found out that I have been saying it the wrong way all my life. It should be only one syllable like the French word (fort) from which it is derived. I also can't believe that it was Donnie Wahlberg (Mark's older brother) who set me straight in the latest episode of "Blue Bloods."

From In a recent survey a strong majority of the Usage Panel, 74 percent, preferred the two-syllable pronunciation. The result is a delicate situation; speakers who are aware of the origin of the word may wish to continue to pronounce it as one syllable but at an increasing risk of puzzling their listeners.

Kstylick said...

Wow. Most of the times I really have a hard time following conversations of the young Koreans. At least with this urban dictionary it'd be easier. I hope.