Monday, January 28, 2013

two meetings (pre)

As you'll recall, I've got two meetings coming up later today. The first is at 1PM with an old ajumma who's got a publishing-related job offer. She doesn't have all the details about the job: her son, who works for Pearson, will fill in the details. All I know is that the job may be high-paying. Today's meeting is mainly to let the ajumma suss me out and decide whether I'm worth recommending to her son. (Whatever.) I already know that, if the job isn't sufficiently high-paying, I'm not going to bother considering it. Sanity trumps salary.

Today's second meeting is with a mom (whom I met yesterday when I went to get a haircut) whose high-school senior son needs help with the SAT. Whether this be SAT writing or reading or math, I have no idea. All will be revealed at 4:30PM today. The mom is another staffer at the barbershop where I get my monthly cuts; she complained about how expensive YB is to join (I've heard nightmare stories of $20,000 and $40,000 tuition fees, all of which makes me wonder why the hell we teachers aren't paid more generously).

I'm happier about the second meeting, because it means that word of mouth about my teaching is spreading, at least among that tiny community of barbershop ladies. My life is slowly drifting toward the crazy-quilt pattern followed by my brother Sean, who works professionally and teaches privately, often seven days a week. I hope to retain at least one free day, but that might not be possible, given the extracurricular work I do for YB, which requires me to work at home during my free (or, really, not-so-free) time.

This new gig comes at just the right moment, though: as I also mentioned previously, my Sallie Mae scholarship loan debt gets reactivated in March when my forbearance runs out, so I'll be needing that extra cash. Alas, I imagine that the cash flow from the second gig will be temporary: I'm going to be helping two dudes with the SAT, so our professional relationship won't last much longer than the time it takes for them to take (or re-take) the SAT. After that, it's adios. Perhaps I'll acquire a third gig in the meantime-- something to occupy my Fridays.

Meantime, wish me luck with my two upcoming meetings. I'll give a "post" report later today.


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