Tuesday, January 08, 2013

this is how they roll in Taiwan, I guess

Man gives Taiwan a bad reputation after being caught in the act of booty-sniffing in a men's restroom: here.

I'm trying to fathom how a dude can crouch down behind another man at the stand-up urinal and sniff the urinating man's ass without being ashamed of being seen by all the other guys in the lavatory. And given that lack of shame, why be ashamed of being caught on video? I'll just chalk this up to one of those eternal cultural mysteries-- "inscrutable Asians" and all that. One thing's for damn sure, though: you have to watch the whole video.

(With thanks-- I think-- to my brother Sean for sending me the link.)

ADDENDUM: Skeptics will doubtless note that the cell-phone cameraman seemed to know that the ass-sniffer would be in that exact location, which is enough to make one wonder whether the whole thing had been set up. I'd say that's possible, although it's also possible that we're seeing a bit of camera vigilantism: perhaps the cameraman had been tracking this guy for a while, noting his haunts and habits, and then he struck.


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Kstylick said...

Tsk. This is so shameful. Very disgusting for such a man of that age. He must be regretting now what he did. Eew,