Thursday, January 17, 2013

thanks, Sean

My brother Sean sends me the following YouTube video link: Big, Disgusting Booger Pulled Out of Nose. It's apparently so horrifying that you have to confirm your age before YouTube will permit you to watch it. When I saw that booger, I thought the doc had yanked an oyster out of the guy's head. Good thing I hate oysters, or I might've felt hungry.

While you're at it, follow that viewing up with this lovely ear-wax removal video. In honor of Elisson's recent experience.



Bratfink said...

I am honest-ta-dog trying not to puke over here.

Why oh why did I click on that knowing you as well as I do?

Kevin Kim said...

Well, I hope you clicked on both the booger link and the ear-wax removal link! Get the full experience!