Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Health Update: Day 26

Weight: 293.8.

That represents a 7.2-pound loss since January 31, doing nothing but following Gary Taubes's regime. If you do the math, that comes out to a 1.93-pound loss per week, which is just about spot-on, as healthy weight-loss rates go. I still don't feel I have enough data points to start talking about trends; let's see where we are after two months. By then, I may have started exercising. I suppose my hesitation, regarding exercise, has something to do with seeing how right Taubes really is. According to him, the calories-in/calories-out paradigm doesn't work, and diet is more important than exercise. Exercise, according to Taubes, leads to increased appetite and overeating to overcompensate for burned energy. Cutting back on food, meanwhile, leads to increased lethargy as the body tries to balance itself out homeostatically. Altering the diet by eliminating carbs is absolutely key, in his worldview.

Seven pounds gone. Of course, when you're as fat as I am, seven pounds is nothing: we won't see a difference in how I look until I've lost several tens of pounds.

This is only the beginning. More to come.