Thursday, February 07, 2013

Taubesian meal: Day 7

Krab lettuce wraps!

I'm frustrated that I can't have some sort of bread. I had thought about getting those low-carb tortillas, but it turns out that they're not really kosher on an Atkins/Taubesian regimen. So-- iceberg lettuce. Crunchy, bland, essentially water held together by vegetable fiber-- but a perfect vehicle for fillings that would normally go in wraps.

Above, you see Krab (ersatz crab) done up with mayo, horseradish sauce, and black pepper. Accompanying the Krab are cucumbers, crumbled feta, and my own special dill sauce, which turned out to be way the hell too sweet. Use in moderation! Otherwise, the combination of tastes was excellent.

(I did sneak in a weigh-in earlier on Wednesday. After my second poop of the day, I was delighted to see my weight down around 294.5 pounds. Breaking the 296 barrier is quite meaningful. Now-- onward to 290!)



  1. Get away from the Iceberg lettuce and you'll be happier!

    Nothing wrong with all that in a salad!

    Good job!

  2. What sort of wrapping-leaf should I replace the iceberg with? Cabbage? I've got cabbage. Koreans use sesame leaves (ggaetnip), which are very flavorful and aromatic.

  3. Boston, bibb or, for more strength, romaine.

    Ehat does T say about Ezekiel bread?

  4. Sperwer,

    Not sure what Taubes would say, but two commenters have, independently of each other, recommended that I start reading Mark's Daily Apple, a Paleo Diet site, and that site seems to think that Ezekiel bread is good... for a bread. But not as good as having no bread at all.

  5. be careful of processed meats such as krab, hot dogs, and sausages. sometimes they have additives and fillers that are definitely not atkins/paleo friendly. you can find more natural re-formed meat products, but they are more expensive. i find that with my body, even when i keep under a carb limit, if i have eaten foods that contain verboten ingredients, it will slow or stop weight loss. the lesson for me has been that there is much more to losing weight than just the carb limit.



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