Thursday, February 21, 2013


Gord Sellar on why he's leaving Korea.

My own experience-- eight years in Korea-- was generally much more positive than Gord's, but I think the mad Canuck makes some good points in his rant. True: there are assholes in Korea, and they can make life miserable. At the same time, there are assholes in every country. Koreans living in America have cargo pallets of complaints about Americans; many of those complaints are legitimate. The question, I suppose, is: what sort of assholery are you culturally programmed to tolerate? So Gord is leaving the peninsula for Parts Unknown, but I guarantee that, wherever he goes, he's going to meet some assholes.

UPDATE: Gord has de-linked the post in question; the above link now redirects to a different rant about rude Koreans.


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  1. Makes perfect sense: people prefer the kind of assholes they grew up with. Brand loyalty.



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