Saturday, February 02, 2013

Taubesian meal: Day 2

Well, I can't complain about the lack of carbs when I'm eating like this:

All hail Costco's salmon! I stuck that magnificent steak on my ridged skillet while the fish was still frozen, and slowly cooked it at the lower end of medium-high. I covered the salmon in a happy mixture of dill, capers, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and mayo (that latter to form a crust). The result was sublime: tender, silky flesh without the dryness that comes of overcooking fish. I'm a big fan of cooking meat from its frozen state; I did much the same thing with my slow-cooked pulled pork, and have also baked chicken breasts and Italian sausage that way. At the end of the salmon-cooking process, I sprinkled on a bit more dill.

Flanking the salmon, on the left, we've got my frittata. I would normally have poured in some maple syrup to sweeten the egg dish up, but this time around I merely used Splenda. I taste almost no difference. On the salmon's right, we've got yesterday's spaghetti squash Alfredo, just as good the second day. Front and center sits my quickly made oi-kimchi (cucumber kimchi), stripped of its sugar as well, and missing some crucial bits, like shredded carrot (verboten on Atkins) and green onion (which I could have added, but simply neglected to).

The oi-kimchi was a fantastic accompaniment for the spaghetti squash; the contrasting tastes and textures complemented each other nicely. The meal was both tasty and filling, and while I'm wistful about not having any sweets, I can't say that I'm craving sweets just yet. Then again, this is only Day 2 of the Taubesian regime; the cravings may very well come later.


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  1. yum! that oi kimchi in particular looks good. i guess im kind of craving something juicy crunchy right now...



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