Thursday, February 14, 2013


A full, unabridged copy of Christopher Dorner's 6000-word manifesto can be found here.

Chris Dorner is the ex-LAPD cop who was fired from his job in 2008 after an investigation concluded that he had falsely accused a fellow officer of abuse. Fuming for years, Dorner finally snapped and vowed revenge against the people-- and their families-- who, in his mind, had done him an injustice. Dorner killed Monica Quan and her fiancé; Quan was the daughter of the police captain, Randal Quan, who had defended Dorner at his hearing but who, in Dorner's opinion, had provided only a lackluster defense. Dorner also killed fellow cop Michael Crain and shot Crain's partner, injuring him. Dorner then led police on a merry chase that turned into a massive manhunt involving thousands of law-enforcement personnel. Even actor Charlie Sheen became involved: it was discovered that Dorner had praised Sheen in his angry, rambling, errata-ridden manifesto. Sheen publicly addressed Dorner-- "Call me!"-- in the vain hope of securing a peaceful resolution.

As of this writing, it may be that Chris Dorner is now dead. He apparently barricaded himself in a cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains near Big Bear, California, and killed a police deputy in a gunfight. The cabin has been burned to the ground, and while the remains are still too hot and smoldering for police to enter, initial reports are claiming that no one exited the cabin (aside from two hostages who had escaped earlier). Authorities expect to find evidence of Dorner's charred remains inside.

Dorner acquired a fan base on social-networking sites like Twitter-- people who saw Dorner as a hero for "stickin' it to the Man." Unfortunately, Dorner is a cop killer and a murderer of innocent women, so the hero-worship seems, to put it politely, unwarranted.


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