Monday, February 25, 2013

this promises to be a shite week

Monday (today): I'm off to traffic court to attempt to reduce the penalty (in terms of monetary fine and points) on a speeding ticket I incurred late last year. Once I'm back home, I've got to spend several hours working on a long-term textbook project for YB.

Tuesday/Wednesday: I'm very likely to teach that turdball Iblis on either or both days. I'll definitely teach Maximus, who can be a snotty little bastard, on Wednesday. Wednesday remains the worst day of the week for me. I must say, I'm sick of goddamn fourth-graders (both Iblis and Maximus are nine years old and in the fourth grade). What is it about that age that makes some kids so fucking uppity? I don't recall being such a whiny, disobedient shit when I was that old.

Wednesday: Mandatory YB staff meeting (for us textbook workers) to be conducted online, about an hour or so before I head off to work. These e-meetings are always a pain in the ass, and rarely seem justified. An emailed memo will do, thanks. A memo, at least, can be read at one's leisure.

That's a big load of shittiness front-loaded into my upcoming week. Can't wait for Thursday and Friday.


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