Saturday, July 09, 2016

34,828 steps

That's what I did tonight. The walk lasted past midnight; it was hot, humid, and miserable, even with three 500-cc bottles of water. I was a sweatier mess than usual by the time I got to my place; this is going to be my lot throughout the long, four-month Korean summer. The heat will continue through September, and around mid-October, a switch will flip and temps will magically fall, thus ushering in Korea's brief, two-month autumn. So I can look forward to that in a few months, but in the meantime, I'm just going to have to endure this nasty combination of jungle-grade heat and humidity. This isn't even the worst of it: August promises to be hell.

Total miles: approx. 17
Total calories burned: 2411


John Mac said...

Do you walk in the monsoon rains? I only walked half as far yesterday and it was miserable...

Kevin Kim said...

A Saturday ago, I did indeed walk in the rain—but only because I knew the rain was going to let up in an hour or so, and that my shoes would have a chance to dry during the remaining four or five hours of the walk. Otherwise, I normally avoid walking in the rain. Things might be different if I had my REI-purchased clothing and gear: a decent rain jacket/windbreaker, rain-proof pants with legs long enough to partially cover my shoes, and shoes that are themselves resistant to rain.