Friday, July 22, 2016

since we're all about uselessly making predictions here...

I predict that the specter of rioting and violence, which somehow failed to land on the Republican National Convention (unless you count the gruesome beheading of Triumph the insult Comic Dog), will find expression at the Democratic National Convention. Will it be a repeat of 1968's DNC? I hope not, but I expect fights with cops (especially given the anti-cop mood among a certain sector of the US populace), riots, and things getting generally out of hand. I mostly avoided news about the RNC, but I couldn't escape it completely because I'm on Twitter, where news is a perpetual urine stream. I'll be morbidly curious to see what happens at the DNC. If things do turn 1968-ish, the country as a whole might find itself once again sympathizing with the cops and not the rioters, thus paving the way for a conservative (well, a nominal conservative) to occupy the Oval office.

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