Saturday, July 02, 2016

on repeated valedictories

There was a blogger who went by several different screen names, one of which was "The Infidel"; he was always disappearing with a dramatic "goodbye!" and reappearing under a new alias. He took himself way too seriously, and in the end, he committed suicide. Couldn't deal with the world, I guess, because he never knew how to process it properly through his reality-distortion filter. Was always a contrarian, a shit-stirrer, and constantly making enemies. Stupid way to live.

There's a lesson to be found in that, M.



Charles said...

This is the last straw. I'm putting you on official notice: This will be my last comment on this hopeless excuse for a blog.

So long, suckas!

Kevin Kim said...

Ha ha!

Funny thing is: she's already back, commenting away at Malcolm's place! I don't think even twelve hours went by. Her cycle of leave-then-return seems to be accelerating. Soon, it's going to get very Zen: leaving and returning will be not-two.

Then again, who knows? Admittedly, she was kind of vague in her "bow out" language; she's not a very clear writer, whether in terms of tone or in terms of content. Malcolm took her (correctly?) to mean she was contemplating leaving, and he left the decision up to her.

Drama queen. Always looking for attention. Well... she's got it now. I tried to take the high road for several months; I tried to be silent and not get involved, but she insists—she foists herself on me like a fart in a church, so I'm going to give her what she wants.

Charles said...

I have taken pity on you and, against my better judgment, decided to return. The thought of you having to do without my shining genius in the comments was just too much to bear.

(In my experience, no one who says they are never coming back ever makes good on the promise. People who don't feel the need to come back just don't come back.)