Thursday, July 21, 2016

teaching, teaching, and more teaching

My extracurricular work isn't done. I've got a KMA session this coming Saturday (six students, apparently), then my August 1-2 sessions at Seoul National, then in theory another KMA session on Saturday, August 6. That last session might be cancelled if we don't get more than one student to register (last I heard, there's only one student on the list thus far). If it does get cancelled, I won't mind too much, as I do prize my weekends.

Looking ahead, I see that I've got KMA sessions on September 10, November 26, and December 10. I may or may not also receive more work from Seoul National (Young Chun is my pipeline: the offers of work go to him first, and when he can't do it, he passes the work along to me and my buddy Tom), but whether I accept that work is doubtful: this time around, SNU was stingier about pay than it had been in the past. A man's got to have standards.

Anyway, the near future looks to be fairly busy, which will be good for the budget. By the end of August, I'll have paid off my second major debt, and that will be cause for a big celebration. After that: two more gigantic debts to go, with the hoped-for goal of freedom from debt before I turn fifty in 2019.

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