Sunday, July 31, 2016

steak sandwich: better the second day

Here's a photo of tonight's version of yesterday's Argentine-style steak sandwich:

The baguettes from Paris Baguette suck... if you think of them as baguettes. As baguettes, they're utter failures, but if you think of them as inadvertent ciabatta, they make a lot more sense. I don't think the baguettes from Paris Baguette are inedible, but they are definitely not what they purport to be, and are a perfect example of how not to make a baguette. As a kind of ciabatta, however, they work well for hot sandwiches.

So I bought a baguette, sliced it, pan-fried it in butter, reheated yesterday's shabu steak, and once again added my heavenly chimichurri made from fresh herbs—basil, parsley, and cilantro. I must say, the beef benefited from the reheating, and the pan-fried baguette was arguably better in texture than the ciabatta had been. When I share this with the guys at work, I think I'm going to stick to Paris Baguette's baguettes, which are more readily available than Le Pain's ciabatta since there's a Paris Baguette bakery right in my building.

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