Friday, July 15, 2016

Ave, Joe!

My friend Joe McPherson has just written a blog post over his ZenKimchi site. It's worth a read. While Joe is coy about getting into too much detail re: his recent travails, he talks about some of the difficulties of running a restaurant and expresses optimism about the future. Since it's going to be pissing down rain this weekend, that's going to nix my long walk, so I've decided to pay Joe a visit again tonight to try out some other items on his menu. I've already reviewed Joe's place, so if I write anything about tonight's visit, it'll likely be brief—more of an addendum than an article unto itself.

More later, perhaps.

PS: it turns out that my boss knows Joe's partner, Susumu Yonaguni.

1 comment:

Bratfink said...

I thought that was a great blog post and didn't find myself wishing it was over!

Poor guy. I'm glad it seems to have worked out for him. *knock on wood*