Friday, September 17, 2021

a kiss goodbye

a pic from last year's reconnoiter

I've scheduled this post to fire off at 3 p.m. today. In theory, I'll have swung by the office to leave a Moroccan-inspired chicken dish (plus couscous) in the office's freezer—to be found, reheated, and eaten by my coworkers upon their return from Chuseok break next week. I also made home-ground Italian sausage for the crew, giving up on skins and links in favor of lumpy chunks of ground meat that, at 150 grams per lump, look like small bull testicles. I made fifteen bull testicles, five for each staffer, i.e., 750 grams of meat per person to take home and enjoy however they like. I'll have to send the crew instructions on how to reheat and serve the chicken, couscous, and Italian sausage, but that's not a chore.

Anyway, after swinging by the office to drop off the food, I'll then proceed to East Seoul Express Bus Terminal to grab the 5 p.m. bus out to Daejin on the east coast. I'm not looking forward to the rain that's been promised this weekend thanks to Typhoon Chantu, which is brushing the peninsula on its way north. Here's hoping the rest of the walk proves not to be as wet as its first couple of days.

I am, however, looking forward to losing a few more kilos during the walk. While I plan to eat a bit more liberally than I've been eating over the past few months, I'll try not to go too hog-wild. With so many of my numbers now much improved compared to where I was in May, I don't want to waste the chance to get even healthier. By next year, I want to be lean and mean. I'm certainly not there yet: I'm still a doughy mess, with at least 12 more kilos to lose. 

We'll talk about goal-setting for 2022 once I'm back from the walk. Meanwhile, follow the trek at Kevin's Walk 5. I'll be blogging there over the next month, maybe longer as I add comments, photos, and whatever else comes to mind. So good-bye (on this blog) for now, and I'll see all you faithful and unfaithful readers in a month!

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