Monday, February 19, 2024


Hollywood is a woke pile of shit, Harvard and the rest of academe can no longer be respected, and now, it's New York City's turn to lose half the country's respect. What a shame. NYC is a cultural, historical, and culinary mecca—a place we associate with fame, glitz, and economic might. The city's been through good times and bad—at its best under a 90s-era Rudy Giuliani, and at its worst under ineffectual nincompoops like David Dinkins and that pizza-with-a-fork De Blasio fellow. Now, thanks to Judge Arthur Engoron and NY District Attorney Letitia James, the stupid and bogus civil-fraud case against Donald Trump has resulted in a ruling saying that Trump must pay $350-some million. Ridiculous. And what's the result?

The nation's hard-working truckers, most of whom are Trumpistas who now have some practice at being activists, are mad, and they're boycotting NYC.

As supplies dry up,* New Yorkers will soon have to learn to fend for themselves, or so I hope. They aren't ready for that. I'm sure they'll find crooked, underhanded ways to get by, but it'll be at the cost of what little dignity they have, and it won't be by the sweat of their brow or through their own native know-how. They'll scramble and scrabble desperately like rats in the rat-torture bucket, becoming more frenzied as the bucket heats up, digging ever deeper into the flesh of the tortured, which in this image would be New York City itself.

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(The blog title is a "John Wick: Chapter 4" movie reference.)


*I'm obviously assuming this becomes a movement on the order of the Bud Light boycott. It might not. Ideally, the movement should spread beyond truckers. Anyone who normally ferries any supplies to NYC should stop now. Stop the visits—and stop the tourism, too. This will seem as though the movement is somehow punishing innocent New Yorkers, and to some extent, collateral damage is inevitable. But if it motivates New Yorkers to rise up and shout at Engoron until he finally retrieves his sanity, then it'll have been worth it. Meanwhile, I'm not too worried about NYC's residents. So many of them are too-far-gone wokies for me to care what happens to them at this point. I feel sorry for the NYCers who, during man-on-the-street interviews, have claimed they'll be voting for Trump. But that's about the only demographic to rate as an exception. I don't wish death on anyone (vice versa is not true), but it's up to these people to figure out how much of a boa-constrictor squeeze they're willing to tolerate.

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