Saturday, February 17, 2024

don't know much about... anything

Imagine being so divorced from reality that you don't know that it's possible to pluck ripe fruit right off the tree and eat it. How stupid are city people? And they think the hillbillies are the dumb ones. It's the same bigoted stereotyping you get from the "educated" liberals who think anyone who joins the army must have shit for brains. Those army folks learn (1) to operate some pretty sophisticated equipment, (2) to survive in the wilderness, and (3) to patch themselves up when they get injured. Can you do any of that, or are you one of those folks who say, "There's people to do that"? Good luck being so dependent on others.

Tim Pool is somewhat cruel in his cold assessment of this chick as fat. His point—so he says—is that she's well fed yet has little notion of where her food comes from.


John from Daejeon said...

All it will take to take down the United States is a loss of electricity for a month or two. Most of these idiots wouldn't know how to survive without the Internet, air conditioning, or refrigeration. The irony is that many are fans of "The Walking Dead" and "The Last of Us."

Kevin Kim said...

This comment cracked me up, but in a bitterly cynical way.

I'm hearing dark talk of Russian EMP weapons. Instapundit has been warning for years about the need to harden the power grid.

John from Daejeon said...

The truth hurts one's gut at times.

I have a feeling people like this will take down the grid themselves with their power hungry electric cars their leaders are ramming down these fools' open throats and closed minds.