Saturday, February 17, 2024

that porous border


Despite continued and growing inflation socking their wallets, more adults now cite the border crisis as the top reason they disapprove of President Joe Biden.

More than his personal traits and flaws, such as his age and befuddlement, a just-released Gallup poll said adults disapprove of Biden over critical topics. And of those, immigration is the standout.

“Specific issue-related concerns account for the largest share of Biden critics’ explanations for disapproving of his job performance. Immigration is the most top of mind, at 19%. The next highest is his handling of the economy (9%), followed by inflation (5%),” Gallup said.

Concerns about Biden’s mishandling of the border crisis have been marching up the ladder of reasons adults dislike the president.

It reached a fever pitch this week when House Republicans orchestrated the impeachment of the president’s border chief, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Some key Republicans have said they would like to impeach Biden for the crisis at the border as well.

The new findings were part of Gallup’s latest survey on Biden and the 2024 race. Gallup found that Biden currently has the lowest approval rating of any president at this stage of their first term, 41%.

Biden has recently turned his attention to the border, even calling it a crisis. But he has blamed Republicans for blocking reforms. When he came into office, he immediately dismantled former President Donald Trump’s hawkish border policies, which also did not have approval from Congress but that he was able to impose with executive orders.

Gallup said that when it comes to why voters disapprove of Biden, 47% cited specific problems. Next, at 23%, were his personal characteristics, with most saying that he is “incompetent,” too old and mentally unfit to run the nation.

You'd think that "inflation" would fall under "handling of the economy." But whatever. As for impeaching Biden... it's too late. His term is almost up, and we've got an election around the corner. The GOP, if it had had any balls, should've done something decisive long before now. But we're still dealing with retarded Never-Trump neocons who all need to be voted out or hunted down and put before a firing squad or something. 

Lookin' at you, Mitt. O'Connell. The rest of you fuckers.

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