Friday, February 16, 2024

starting next week

I had a bad day yesterday, maybe because I'd ingested too many carbs (waffles and cookies). My heart was jumpy and murmur-y all night despite a lack of caffeine, and I couldn't sleep. Since that threw my sleep schedule off, I decided to do something, this morning, that I would never have done during my recent thirty-day project: I skipped a stairs day. I'm feeling sufficiently guilty that I'm going to do the stairs tonight, but starting next week, I'll be back to doing the stairs every day: a full staircase MWF, and half-staircases (up to the 14th floor) on TRSaSu. TRS will still be walking days (no walk on Sunday), but I apparently need the prospect of staircases to get my lazy ass up every morning. This isn't how I'd hoped things would work out, but on my current program, the non-staircase days are opportunities for me to find excuses to be lazy, and I have to shut that down now.

I'm also supposed to be meeting a distance-walking couple in their 70s this coming April (they've done some huge walks, and they're using my template to walk the Four Rivers trail this year), and while I have no plans to be skinny by then, I want to be in substantially better shape before I meet them. The weather's warming up, and this weekend's looking good for some walking, so let's start with that.

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