Saturday, February 24, 2024

South Cackalacky

The South Carolina GOP primary is happening today, and we're about to see how badly Nikki Haley loses in her home state. While Haley, in some polls, seems to be performing well against Joe Biden, she has to get past Trump first to become the GOP nominee for president, and thus far, she has lost in every primary/caucus. "But this time, she'll make it" is the battle cry of the doomed and the detached-from-reality, but I guess hope springs eternal for the irrational. Haley wouldn't be my choice: she's in China's pocket, has flip-flopped on a large number of issues, and is practically a Democrat when it comes to hot-button topics like abortion. Her hawkish neocon stance makes her a good foreign-policy candidate for two decades ago before Trump rolled in with his MAGA agenda, which harks back to an early-90s Democrat policy (Clintonian) agenda: pro-worker, America first, pro-security, anti-war. I don't know what the margin will be, but I'm pretty confident Nikki Haley will lose. And given what we know about her irrationality, she will fight on despite the nose-bloodying she's about to get.

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