Thursday, February 22, 2024

winter wonderland

Just February reminding us that it's still February:

shot from the 14th floor

When I do the stairs in the early morning, I no longer bother to put on my contact lenses because, on days like today, I'm more likely to just crawl back into bed after exercising. This return-to-the-bed is a habit I'm trying to break, though, but it involves getting to sleep early enough. My goal time is 10:30 p.m. so I can arise refreshed at 5:30 a.m., with seven hours' sleep under my belt, but I usually get to bed a bit after midnight, get up a bit after 6, do my staircase, then go back to bed to make up for lost sleep. Not good. My exercise (and other activities) schedule will eventually expand, over the coming months, to include the rest of my chosen syllabus—heavy clubs, dumbbells, kettlebells, elastic bands, calisthenics, and animal/primal flow.* But all of that is contingent on my getting to bed on time at night.

Today should have been a walking day, but you see how it is outside. This afternoon, we'll be up to 5ºC, so I hope a lot of the accumulation will melt, and it'll be a clear weekend. I want to walk either to the Jamshil Bridge and back (14K) or down to Bundang (18K). We'll see what Mother Nature has in store for us, Precious.


*I'll be adding other activities to the schedule as well, like working on my book project and learning Spanish for my trip to Spain to do the Camino de Santiago in about five years.


John Mac said...

I don't miss the snow, although I do have fond memories of winter in Korea.

What activities keep you up until midnight? I assume it is reviewing all those videos you post here. I enjoy them and appreciate you ferreting out the best to share, but it sometimes takes me a day or so to get to the ones I've queued up for viewing.

Anyway, good luck with adjusting your schedule to best fit the new level of activity you have planned. I predict you'll like it once you get used to going to bed early. Mornings have always been my most productive time of day.

John Mac said...

Speaking of Spanish, here are the three essential phrases I remember:

"Mas cerveza por favor"

"Donde es el bano?"

"Tu es mujer muy bonita!"

Kevin Kim said...

I'm pretty sure that that last one needs an indefinite article:

"¡Eres una mujer muy bonita!"

Conjugation of "ser" (to be):

(yo) soy
(tu) eres
(el, ella) es
(nosotros) somos
(vosotros) sois
(ellos, ellas) son

The verb "estar" also means "to be," but is used for characteristics that are changeable, like mood and location. (estoy, estas, esta, estamos, estais, estan)