Friday, February 23, 2024

the very, very silly idea

At some point, I'm going to migrate from this old Blogger/Blogspot platform to Squarespace, which has all sorts of tools for subscriptions, product-hawking (books, mugs, tee shirts, etc.), and other forms of monetization. Maybe I could make myself, at least in a low-grade manner, into a business, right?

Anyway, I was thinking along those lines when a really awful marketing idea hit me this morning—an idea so awful that I thought I'd share it with you. It has to do with blog (or website-section) titles.

Kevin's Walk = a blog about my distance walking

Kevin's Work = a blog about my current fitness endeavors

Kevin's Wok = a blog about cooking: successes, failures, recipes

And while we're at it, what about Kevin's Hawk as the place where I hawk my wares? Hawk sort of rhymes with Walk, but it violates the implicit "W—k" rule that the other words follow. Or maybe it's all just too terrible to contemplate. Your thoughts?


daeguowl said...

I'll definitely be skipping Kevin's wank, where you post nudes.

Kevin Kim said...

Dammit, I'd been saving that for later.

eastnortheast said...


What about buying a domain name like John Mc does and find a hosting platform? I would assume that would give you more control over how to monetize (if you chose to do so). And you could set up various tabs or even addresses such as as "suggested" above.

I bought a domain name though nothing is hosted on it at the moment, but I wanted something that would be portable if I so chose and wanted the dot email address that is pretty unique. While I don't think that blogger dot com or square space is going to disappear anytime soon, there is always that chance and I would assume that in the fine print of the users agreement, your section of their site (and maybe even the content?) is probably "owned" by them. Just my 20 won of thoughts.

I use TigerTech and have been happy with them. I actually even had a lawyer friend look over the user agreement and he said that is was actually pretty decent in regards to protecting the user.


The Maximum Leader said...

I think it is clever. Though I, like Daeguowl, will not be checking out the wank site.

Kevin Kim said...

Mike & Paul,

A shame. You're going to be missing so much.


SquareSpace allows you to have your own domain name plus subdomains, so I can do a if I want (although there might be a floating out there already because I tried the domain thing years and years ago).

John Mac said...

Great minds think alike--I came here to make the "wank" joke and was late to the party. Oh well.

Anyway, it is always the content that matters, whatever you call it. No issues with your suggested titles, but I wonder if they might prove to limit potential readers. For example, someone not particularly interested in cooking might not click on the Wok sight and miss out on a post they would have enjoyed. The master at Instapundit has all the flavors in one place; you just scroll through and click on what you like.

Getting off the Google platform will be in your long-term interest as a rightie. They aren't going to tolerate you speaking the truth forever.

Kevin Kim said...

It's beginning to sound as if Kevin's Wank is the thing you all secretly want.