Monday, February 26, 2024

Google Gemini, pedophilia, and the nonexistence of white people

The AI has no moral compass because its programmers have no moral compass:

And from Gemini's perspective, white people don't exist:

Matt Walsh piles on, noting Gemini's creepy Koreanness in wanting to do your thinking for you as discovered via "injection attacks":

So the AI is already being programmed not to do what you ask it to do, but instead to do what its programmers think you ought to ask it to do. This is frightening stuff, and we now see that a powerful sector of the population—programmers—is actively malicious in its programming. It may really come down to a need to unplug completely from all of this. If digital can't be trusted, go back to analog and bye-bye, blogging.

At the end of "Dream Scenario," we find out that the corporate world has, inadvertently thanks to Professor Paul Matthews, figured out a way to hack into people's dreams via special devices, thus opening up huge, new vistas in marketing products and services. Of special note is how the youthful team of dream characters invading your thoughts are all "diverse" twentysomethings—barely a white person among them. I wonder how many critics noted this subtle dig at woke culture as they were writing their droolingly sycophantic reviews of the movie. Had the critics noticed, they'd have been far less sycophantic.

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