Friday, January 30, 2004

Coke addict

I admit that Coca Cola is one of the greatest of my innumerable weaknesses-- Lindt blue-label chocolate truffles being perhaps at the top of that list-- and it doesn't help that Korea's latest batch of Coke cans (in Korea, they're smallish boogers at 250ml, so I usually buy two) features a sexily-drawn female warrior from a computer game called "Lineage II"-- a game whose soundtrack I hear nightly in this PC-bahng and others.

The girl on the can is quite obviously a slim Western blonde, dressed in what appears to be a tunic-cum-miniskirt and figure-accentuating corset. Her head sports World War I Flying Ace/Tatooine Podracer goggles (they're propped atop her crown, not covering her eyes), and she's got a sword or two strapped to her back. Plus, she's fondling a gigantic war hammer.

My kind of woman.

So of course, being a cartoonist myself, I stare and admire the lady's lines, and the lechery appreciation for the female form that produced them. Blondie stares back with an expression that says either, "I'm going to smash your nads with this war hammer if you come any closer," or "I'm hungry for your crotch salami but can express my carnal desires only by castrating you and eating your head."




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