Wednesday, January 07, 2004

While the Hominid is away...

Greetings readers of the Big Hominid’s blog. While the aforementioned Hominid is cruising across the world and unable to blog I figured I would try to do one update of his site. (I know that Hominid readers, like crack addicts, can’t go one day without a Hominid fix.) While I cannot promise you the same type of irreverent scatological humour, I can promise… well… I can promise that the English will be readable, the grammar passable, and feeble attempts at comedy will be given the ole college try.

So let us begin….

First. WTF? Is poor Hemlock going crazy over at Gweilo Diaries? Something is screwy because he seems to have posted the same blog four times! Ack! And, alas, it is not a boobie post. It is about the latest Osama Bin Laden tape. Damn. UPDATE! It seems that Conrad is back and has re-installed his whole blog! Ack! Well... Think of it as a fresh start for a new year.

After looking checking out Gweilo, I went on over the Marmot’s Hole. You know, I don’t read Robert’s site nearly enough. I always enjoy his stuff. I will note that he makes mention of the same news article that I did on my site. (But he says much more than the skimpy (just like the prostitute's outfits) two lines I give it.) It seems some prostitutes (sex workers, hookers, whores, bitchez – you choose the nomenclature) in South Korea have sued their pimps for back wages. I have no idea just how you could do this, as prostitution is illegal in Korea. But, it seems like it is going forward. I would have to agree with Robert that if you are going to turn a blind eye towards prostitution, you ought to go ahead and legalize it and make it like other “service sector” businesses.

Robert also points out a fabulous exhibit at the US Library of Congress (as if there is one other than the US one) about late-Tsarist era colour photography. It is fascinating. Until clicking through to view some of these photos I believe the earliest colour photos I ever remember seeing were from the late 30s.

Did you see this over on the Winds of Change? I loved it. And as Joe says, the last line does say it all.

Do you go over to Allah is in the House and read his latest? Money line for you: “Congratulations, Moammar; you just surpassed Sanders as the colonel most associated with chicken.” (It was hard to choose just that one line of so many.) This in reference to Moammar Quadaffi (Gadaffi, Gadaffy - I don't know how you would transliterate that name) warming up to the US and UN on the issue of terrorism and WMD. Moammar don't want to end up in a spider hole like Saddam? Wonder why.

I found this story unintentionally funny. Awww... Poor widdle rich people move out to the country and discover that IT IS NOTHING LIKE THE FRIGGIN CITY! Perhaps if they had used a fraction of the brains that God gave a finch they would have noticed that there aren't strip malls and restaurants around the corner. My heart bleeds for them as they discover it takes lots of time to mow 4 acres of yard. (Do you even know what the origin of an acre is? It is the amount of land a single man with a team of oxen could plow in one day! Yes that is one whole sun-up to sun-down type of day!) And don't even get me started on the whole "I spent $20,000 on a security system to protect all of the windows and doors on my wrap-around porch." Hey! Idiot! Let me to tell you something... Since there is no where to go out to in the country, why not save yourself about $19,000 and buy yourself a really big gun and sit on your wrap-around porch with it and protect your own friggin property. I mean really... If it takes 20 minutes just to drive the grocery store, do you think the police are going to save your ass from an intruder when your $20,000 alarm system goes off? Think again cretin! A nice Ruger Side by Side Shotgun might be just what you need. (Since you seem to have the cash.) Of course, owning a gun would mean you sell your soul to the dark side and become.... A supporter of the Second Amendment! Ack! Idiots. I hope they like life back in the city.

And while I am ranting about guns.... Here is a good blog by Kim Du Toit about Snipers in Iraq. Perhaps this is the best reason to save the family farm. If we don't have family farms, where will we find snipers in the future? Are they going to be the urban/suburban youth of X-Box and Game Cube experience? I think not.

I know the Hominid is very interested in space. I am too. I am really psyched about the photos from Mars. I think it is great.

Howard Dean is beginning to feel the heat. Note to Howie: If you think it is bad now, just wait until Karl Rove gets a hold of ya.

Also, this story does disturb me. I just can't shake the idea that there may be THOUSANDS of large (300+ lbs/150kg) wild boars marauding around the greater Berlin area. If Europeans weren't so wussy about guns and hunting, I would suggest a quick hunt and a very large BBQ! As one who has feasted on wild boar I can say it is very lean and quite tasty!

And to close... Allow me to thank the Hominid for his very very very kind gift of Gravelands. The Hominid and I listened to it a little in the care on his last night out here. Well, I've been listening to it while typing this. Damn it is good. I recommend it to any Elvis fan out there. (But if you don't have that much cash on your person with which to buy frivolous things... Take my word for it... This T-Shirt will turn heads in a Chinese restaurant filled with Asians. And that, gentle reader, is worth the cash you will spend on it.)

Carry on.

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