Thursday, January 29, 2004

Spring Offensive?

It's all over the news and blogosphere-- the so-called "Spring Offensive" to capture Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. Or is it Pakistan? We're not entirely sure, are we.

And because this plan is all over the news and blogosphere, I suspect Osama's hiding out in London. Probably here.

[NB: As an example of where things stand in Korea, I should tell you I'm at a PC-bahng that won't allow me to see the place I linked to in that last sentence. Strangely enough, were I at the Korea University Magic Station PC-bahng, this would be visible. And-- ah, yes-- a side note: KU's rates have gone up, from W1000/hr to W1200/hr. That sucks. It's now about $1.05/hr instead of $0.80/hr.]


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