Friday, January 23, 2004


Anticipatory Retaliation renames his Mother of all screeds "The Mother of All Blathers," and ends up with the acronym MOAB. As he notes:

I decided that given the fine history of the acronym MOAB from this MOAB to that one to that one, that it just fit in nicely. I mean really, when you've hit the hyperbole, explosion and mormon trifecta, why stop when you could go for the Grand Slam of mixed metaphors?

Then he plunges into the darker side of Camus and The Stranger:

BTW, did you know that an anagram for "Mother of All Battles" is "Met Arab. Shot. Lot fell."?

I hold up Anticipatory Retaliation with pride today because the man continues his MOAB with a post devoted almost entirely to BIG HOMINIDS. Go read it.


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