Tuesday, January 20, 2004

John Edwards? Hmmm.

Here's an interesting tidbit about why John Edwards might've done as well as he did:

Edwards gained from a deal he struck with Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, who asked his supporters to back the North Carolina senator if they didn't meet voting threshholds in any of the state's 1993 precincts.

As the fish said in "The Meaning of Life," "Kinda' makes ya' think, doesn't it?"

Andrew Sullivan makes reference to the difference between Howard Dean's insane post-caucus rant (I heard the audio clip, and it did sound pretty unhinged) and John Edwards's "moving tribute" to Dick Gephardt. So I went looking for the moving tribute, wondering what the man could possibly have to say. Here's a snippet off Command Post (with thanks to Satan's Anus):


Edwards on Gephardt: "A man I have so much personal respect and affection for ... he deserves to be lifted up by us tonight ... for all the work ... he's done for people who deserve a champion." Frankly, he looks and sounds like he's giving a victory speech.

If anyone has more comprehensive quotes re: Edwards on Gephardt, I'd like to have them. I'll be scrounging around for his entire speech. Edwards, not Kerry, is by all accounts the man to watch.


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