Wednesday, January 21, 2004


The peninsula seems to have cooled down enough for snow to actually accumulate now, and we've got about a quarter- to a half-inch of powdery, ski-worthy white stuff on the ground in Seoul. On the sidewalks, anyway; the streets are still pretty clear, and it's not snowing hard. It is cold and windy outside, however, so if you've got breast implants, keep them well-insulated from the chill.

Quick question: are Drambuie Man and Brian the Vulture going to be in town over the weekend? Now that I've recovered my sense of taste after a week of olfactory and gustatory misery, I might want to drop by your respective establishments... grab some nachos & play some chess at Brian's; chomp a burger and throw back a few Coca-Colas at Fortress Drambuie.

Gimme a holler if you read this. If not, I'll have to take the drastic step of emailing yo' ass.


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