Tuesday, January 20, 2004

quick welcome

Hello to all the folks visiting this site via the Marmot, Winds of Change, and Regnum Crucis, temporarily bolstering my normally-modest numbers.

You've been roundly duped. This blog sucks shit.

But since you're here, maybe you should take a moment to...


Kev Watches Over You

If I were you, I'd be fervently reading the blogs in my blogroll, pig. Do you question my taste? You do so at your peril, stinkbug. Or peruse my "Sacred and Profane" section, read some Harry Potter parodies, the AC/DC Kong-an post, or any of a number of religion-related essays. Only then will you be deemed worthy to sniff my fetid dingleberries. Or buy my book (see sidebar), flea. Or buy a rum cake (also sidebar). Or buy some BigHo products (click the Alien). The choice is yours. Do nothing and risk punishment: your honey-dipped scrotum slowly devoured by ten thousand fire ants.

What's that you say? You're a woman and don't have a scrotum? Well, we'll find one and sew it onto you! Christ, it's like you people think I'm fucking stupid or something.

As I was saying earlier, welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting.


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