Thursday, January 29, 2004


A comment I happened to catch off BrainySmurf's blog, written by a Brian R. Ruckle:

I just read on a Knoxville, TN area blog that the rumors are Rudy Giuliani is being considered a favorite Bush choice as a replacement for Cheney. Hopefully, Giuliani's ambitions are still in New York.

Anyone want to follow this up?

I, too, tend to view Cheney as a liability, but my original feeling was that Bush should pick Condi Rice as his running mate, pretty much daring the enlightened left to vote against a black woman. Yes, it's playing the race card (something Republicans would generally claim their side doesn't do), but oh, what an effective play it would be. The fact that Bush and Condi are close friends would also help. And Condi's at least as competent as Undisclosed Dick.


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