Thursday, January 29, 2004

your choice this coming November

Andrew Sullivan, speaking from the conservative (???) end of the spectrum, puts it this way:

But in the larger choice in this war there really isn't a choice. It's self-defense or winging it. When the consequences of winging it could be a biological/chemical/nuclear catastrophe in one of our cities, I'm not sure we have any real option but Bush.

Unless Cobb is right and there turns out to be a Kerry-Edwards ticket, linking hawkishness with fiscal responsibility, your choices this November will boil down to

A. Do I value defense/national security more?
B. Do I value the economy more?

If Dean steals Joe's Jomentum and waddles to the front of the flock, these choices will be quite stark. I don't trust Dean to do dick for defense, though I have a weird feeling he'd be fantastic for the economy.

As others (like my Dad) have pointed out, issues A and B are, of course, closely interrelated. I understand that. My point, though, is that because these are probably the two most important issues confronting our country right now, people's votes will ultimately reflect which issue, A or B, they feel is more important.

For those of us assigning A and B more or less equal weight, it's another reason to consider writing in Daffy Duck.

UPDATE: Cobb's wrong, it looks like. Edwards won't run on a Kerry-Edwards ticket. He might, however, run on an Edwards-Kerry ticket.


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