Friday, January 09, 2004

existential constipation

I've been stuck in Seattle since I got here on the 6th. We suffered a major delay because of the huge snowstorm that blanketed the state of Washington. My flight out of Detroit was grounded in Great Falls, Montana to refuel (we didn't have enough fuel to circle aimlessly around Seattle while awaiting our turn to land-- I shit you not), so I missed my connecting flight. All is not lost, however: my bags are safely in Seoul, leaving me with only one change of clothing.

Thanks to relentless cloudiness, a very cold 6th, and a fairly cold and rainy 7th and 8th, there hasn't been much for me to do except catch up on all the HBO I haven't seen and read more of The Philosophical Challenge of Religious Diversity, which is, at times, a little over my head.

I'm booked on a Friday flight out of Seattle; meantime, I'm blogging this quickie from a Holiday Inn on International Boulevard, within earshot of the airport. Damn-- 69 cents A MINUTE to use the computer, and thank Satan I'm not trying to print anything. Compare this to the cozy 80 cents per hour in Seoul, and you'll see why I hesitate to write more.

Stay warm, stay tuned, and more vomitous spew shall be yours upon my arrival in South Korea.



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