Monday, January 12, 2004

rhetorical muscle, rhetorical blubber, and the possibly-invisible dick

North Korea wants to show off how big its dick is, then wants us to praise it for not allowing the dick to grow any longer.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

After showing U.S. delegates its "nuclear deterrent," North Korea marked the anniversary of its withdrawal from an international nuclear treaty by resolving to bolster its defenses against a possible U.S. attack.

Yet as the isolated communist North kept up its typically harsh anti-American rhetoric, the country's official KCNA news agency urged Washington to accept Pyongyang's offer of a freeze on its program as a first step toward resolving the crisis over its atomic-weapons programs.

And what, exactly, are the distinguishing characteristics of this latest NK dick? Apparently, the dick is so shocking that it's reduced everyone who saw it to whispers. No one wants to talk about what they saw.

From ABC/Reuters:

Two members of the unofficial U.S. delegation, Keith Luse and Frank Jannuzi, both Senate foreign relations committee aides, flew into Seoul on Sunday.

The two declined to answer reporters questions about what they saw at Yongbyon as they entered a meeting with officials of South Korea's unification ministry on Monday afternoon to brief them on their five-day visit to North Korea.

North Korea insists that it did, in fact, flash Western inspectors:

North Korea said on Saturday it had shown a visiting U.S. delegation its "nuclear deterrent" and hoped it would provide a basis for a peaceful settlement of the row with the United States over its nuclear activities.

We'll soon know, I suppose. Stay tuned-- same dick time, same dick channel. I'm off to dinner.


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