Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Kathreb and the Dark Side of the Force

I don't know why I don't have Kathreb on my blogroll. Hers is an interesting blog with a leftie-Aussie perspective. But here's something she posted, which I found rather sinister:

Intelligence from Korea is reporting that Al-Qaeda has been casing the joint. Despite the [anonymous] comment given that South [Koreans] are veterans when it comes to dealing with infiltration by terrorists it is a disquieting commentary. For some reason Korea becomes a more frightening place when you are not there but all your friends are.

[NB: the LA Times link appears to be kaput, even after I logged in.]

What kind of major surgery would your typical Middle Easterner have to go through to look Korean? Yikes. Unless we're talking about the Korean branch of al-Qaeda. Osama bin-Radong. I bet Dan Darling'd know something about that.

POST SCRIPTUM: Kathreb's now on the blogroll. Go visit her. By the way, her SiteMeter numbers are LYING. I know for a fact that her blog's WAY more popular than that. She should add the 30,000 or so visitors she had before slapping SiteMeter onto her blog.

Warning, Kath: you might get a visit from our fuckhead in Beijing (IP address:, the guy who's filling people's comment threads with long copies of my material. Just FYI.

[BTW, folks, you may have noticed I added two huge liberal blogs to my blogroll. Should've done so earlier.]


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