Tuesday, July 01, 2014

125.5 kg: from bad to good

In a previous post, I had mentioned weighing over 128 kilograms, but that must have been an error: today, I weighed myself three times, and came out at 125.5 kilograms, which is my lowest weight yet. In pounds, that's 276.7 pounds, putting me roughly in the mid-270s. I'm ecstatic. The walking will continue!

NB: The reading of 128 kilograms was taken after only one weighing on my not-always-trustworthy bathroom scale. I normally do three weighings, then go with the weight that appears at least two out of three times. I did that today, with a result of 125.4, 125.5, and 125.5 kilograms. It could also be that the sudden weight loss is mere "water weight," i.e., sweat from walking long distances two days in a row. I'm not really out of the woods until I'm below the 270 zone, so I've got a weighs to go.


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