Thursday, July 03, 2014

long walks at night

More and more, it seems to be my habit to take long walks at night, and my favorite place for walking is a campus. I've always enjoyed college campuses, which combine the relaxed landscaping of a golf course with the placid ambience of a hotel's grounds and the architectural seriousness of an old library. The Catholic U. campus is by no means devoid of people at night (in fact, with all its green spaces and benches, it seems to become a quiet place for romantic encounters!), but it's much less active than it is during the day.

I'm hoping to continue the trend of moving my monthly walk average up to 10,000 steps per day. We're three days into July, and my current average is 6857 steps; June was, you'll recall, 6197 steps. Because I've done a lot of shopping today, my step count is already around 5600, so I need to pound out the remaining 3000 or 4000 steps by going out later tonight.

Which, Dear Reader, I'm about to do.

UPDATE: I ended July 3rd with 11326 steps. That's a 3-day average of 8834 steps.


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