Tuesday, July 08, 2014


I'm applying to Catholic University Seoul (nicknamed Seoga-dae, 서가대, in Korean). I'm also doing something a bit revolutionary and leaning on a recent LinkedIn contact with a Korean CEO who, out of the blue, wanted to become a "connection" with me (on Facebook you have "friends"; on LinkedIn they're "connections"). We'll see how that turns out; I've requested a meeting with this gentleman when I go to Seoul this coming July 15-18. CU-Seoul, meanwhile, emailed me back to say that, yes, they'll accept applicants looking to be hired on an E-1 visa, so I'll be emailing CU-Seoul my application paperwork in the next couple of days. (I keep wishing that HUFS-Yongin would advertise, but I've seen nothing from them.)

So opportunities continue to appear, even this late in the game. In fact, my feeling this time around is that many colleges are putting out job ads much later than usual. Normally, the wave starts sometime in April and truly gathers momentum in May (I'm talking about job ads for jobs starting in September). The point, though, is that Tarzan hasn't run out of vines to swing from. There's still plenty of hope that I'll land something decent—anything that can be a step up, salary-wise, from my current job.


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