Friday, July 25, 2014

my phone fails me

So after moaning and groaning about not receiving any notification from Dongguk University regarding my interview, I discovered only just now, at 3-fucking-AM, that the uni had indeed sent me a reply not one hour after I had sent my email.

Here it is:

Hello, Kevin

Thank you for coming for the interview yesterday. It was pleased to meet you.

The interview result has not been finalized yet. We will inform you the result tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you.

So there's still a wee chance. It's frustrating to find this out so late; my phone never flagged the email when it arrived: I discovered it only while randomly trolling the email archives just now. Christ.


1 comment:

King Baeksu said...

"It was pleased to meet you."

A classic Korean EFL construction: Dropping an agentic subject in favor of a context- or topic-prominent, non-agentic pronoun. The standard English phrase would be, "It was a pleasure to meet you," but although the speaker is grammatically dropped from this sentence, the "I" is strongly implied (i.e., "Meeting you was my pleasure."). Not so in the case of the former example: Intentional or accidental?

Of course, elision of agency more easily allows for evasion of individual responsibility to one's interlocutor, should unfortunate news loom on the horizon.

In any case, it is hoped that everything works out for you in the end.