Monday, July 21, 2014

good and bad news

Dongguk University called me back and invited me to interview, so I've made it that far along in the process. The interview is scheduled for this coming Wednesday, so I'll be heaving my ass back to Seoul on that day, arriving around noon and interviewing on campus at 2:30PM. Since I have to teach in Yeouido on Saturday, I've decided simply to stay in Seoul for the week, starting on Wednesday and coming back to Hayang on Sunday.

Unfortunately, Dongguk sprang a bombshell on me: there's more paperwork that I need to bring, physically, to the interview with me. I have some of it, but I don't have all of it. This is a potential problem, as the email I received today said, "No paperwork? Disqualified." So I'm in communication with Dongguk staff via email, trying to determine how flexible Dongguk can be on this point. I don't want to go all the way to Seoul just to end up disqualified because of a mere clerical issue. Here's hoping the university is flexible.


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